Tamil Youtube Channels

Tamil youtube channels really make you worth of subscription. Every day, 1 billion hours of video watched on Youtube, and there are a lot of featured Youtube channels all over the world. Here the list of Top Tamil youtube channels that entertains you most !!

Black Sheep – Tamil Youtube Channel

Black Sheep is a familiar youtube channel which is an upgraded version of Smile Mixture with 2.79 Million subscribers. It joined youtube on February 29, 2016 and uploaded 645 videos. Its total number of video views is 424,840,368 views. They make videos in all categories  Black Sheep will be an upgraded version of Smile Mixture, this time aiming for more fun and entertainment.

Blacksheep Tamil


Nakkalites were started on May 26, 2017, at Coimbatore. It has 2.34 million subscribers with 295,846,426 video views. They have posted 170 videos up to January 2020. They majorly focus on Comedy videos, troll videos, political satire videos, and Alapparaigal.


Eruma Saani

Eruma Saani channel also stared by a set of Covai friends on April 25, 2017. It has acquired 170,943,759 video views with 2.31 Million subscribers. They have posted 51 videos in their channel. Boys Vs Girls, Then vs now and other comparison topics are majorly done by Eruma Saani team.

Eruma Saani

Mic Set – Tamil Youtube Channel

Mic Set is one of the most popular youtube channels in Tamil. It has 4.09 million subscribers in a short span of time. They acquired 283,658,957 video views with just 46 videos. They focus on some general topics and makes the humor on that.

Mic Set

Madan Gowri 

Madan Gowri youtube channel is founded and managed by an individual named “Madan Gowri”. It was founded on December 05, 2013. He has posted 903 videos and acquired 395,103,408 views and 2.86 million subscribers. It is an informational website and gives detailed information about trending topics.

Madan Gowri

Sothanaigal – Tamil Youtube Channel

Sothanaigal was started on July 25, 2018, by the former team members of Mic set.
It has 1.22 Million subscribers with 74,405,697 video views. Sothanaigal also focuses on the general topic and make humor. They have posted 33 Sothanaigal  Videos.

Sothanaigal - Tamil Youtube Channel


Unakkeennapaa is the child channel of black sheep and it is promoted by Black sheep team. It has 1.45 Million subscribers with 76,925,363 video views. They release relationships and sentimental series. They have posted a total of 59 videos.


Parithabangal – Tamil YouTube Channel

Parithabangal joined youtube on February 8, 2018, by the former team member of Madras Central. They posted 178 videos in a short time, acquired 1.82 million subscribers and 162,694,523 video views. They majorly make troll and imitation videos

Parithabagangal - Tamil Youtube Channel


Madrasi channel was started by the employee of Adithya TV on April 24, 2019. It has 357 K subscribers and 23,906,385 video views. They make gallatta series on general topics and posted 37 videos as of now ( January 18, 2020 ).

Madrasi Tamil Youtube Channel

Jump Cuts – Tamil YouTube Channel 

Jump cuts are a team of 2 members with 1.86 Million subscribers. They joined youtube on November 15, 2016 and have 181,352,864 video views. They do random videos and posted 91 videos. Haribaskar is the only guy to appear in the front end.

Jump Cuts
S.NoTamil Youtube Channel Subscribers
1Blacksheep2.79 M
2Nakkalites2.34 M
3Eruma Saani2.31 M
4Mic Set4.01 M
5Madan Gowri2.86 M
6Sothanaigal1.22 M
7Unakennapaa1.45 M
8Parithabangal1.85 M
9Madrasi357 K
10Jumpcuts1.86 M

Top Tamil Youtube channels are listed on the basis of popularity among peoples and their quality of contents and still, some more Tamil Youtube channels will be updated soon.


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