90s kids games

Fifteen years ago, we saw that our streets were filled with lots of children. They have created many games to play happily and healthily. But now, smartphones and televisions have ruined those games as well as our children’s health. 

Most of the outdoor games known by this generation kids are very less. Our 80’s & 90’s games have the capability to give more interest and help to increase our brain thinking ability. Some ancient traditional games are listed out here before they are forgotten.

9os Kids Games for Boys

1. Tyre Vandi

Tyre Vandi is the most ancient and popular game among the 80s & 90 kids. This game is played with an old cycle or bike tyre and a stick. We usually use this vehicle to go to the grocery store.

2. Bambaram

Bambaram is played across many countries. It is played with a wooden body and nail tip combinedly called Bambara katta with a long string. Whose Bambaram spins for more time will be declared as the winner.


3. Pattam

Pattam is a seasonal game. It will be played between the months of March and June because these months have decent wind speed to take off our kite. The highest-flying kite will be declared as the winner.

Pattam 90s kids games

4. Ghilli 

Ghilli is the double player or multiplayer game. It is the oldest version of cricket and it is also known as “Indian cricket”. It will be played with one long and one sharp edges short stick. This game is mostly played by boys.


5. WWE Cards

WWE cards is one of the most famous games among the college and school childrens during the 90s. It’s also a double or multiplayer game. The guy who has more cards will be the winner.

WWE Cards 90s kids games

6. Goli Kundu

Goli Kundu is a multiplayer game. Goli Kundu is the only needed thing in this game. Who hits more golis will be declared as the winner.

90s kids games goli kundu

90s Kids Games for All

7. Cycling

Cycling is the upgraded version of Tyre Vandi. As our parents can’t afford to buy a cycle for us and it’s rare. So we save money and do cycling by renting a cycle in the nearest renting shop.


8. Nungu Vandi

Nungu Vandi Oftenly plays in the village sides. It’s made with two same-sized sugar palm and a long stick. A bottle is used as a front Differential. Even now, we can find these games played by children.

Nungu Vandi

9. 7 Stone

7 stones will be played between two teams (runner and hitter). This game is played with a boost ball and flat 7 stones. If a hitter hits all the runners before the seek of 7 stones, then the hitter will be the winner. If not, the runner will be the winner.

10. Uppu Mootai

Uppu Mootai is not a competitive game. It’s just fun and mostly played by girls. Uppu Mootai is about lifting another person on our back and should roam.

Uppu Mootai

11. Kanna Moochi

Kanna Moochi is the only game we can play whenever and wherever. It’s also played in family functions. There are various methods in Kanna Moochi like Kannai Katuthal, Ice Boy, Thirudan Police, and more. Ice is mostly played in the streets.

Kanna Moochi

12. Pacha Kuthirai

Pacha Kuthirai is a double player or multiplayer game. The one should bend to allow other players to jump. The highest jumping player is declared as the winner. Jan Japan is similar to Pacha Kuthirai.  Jan Japan is mostly played by girls.

Pacha Kuthirai

13. Kichu Kichu Thambulam

Kichu Kichu Thambulam is also a teamwork game. The one team should hide the stick inside the sand and the other team should find the stick.

Kichu Kichu Thambalam

14. Carrom Board

Carrom Board is a well-known game even among this generation of children. This game is mostly played in citied and rarely in villages because the carrom board is costly. It is a double or multi-player game. The person who draws the more coins will be the winner.

Carrom Board

15. Raja Rani 

Raja Rani is also an indoor game played with a piece of paper. This game has four major roles: Raja, Rani, Thief, and Police. The police should find the thief correctly to score the point. If not, the thief will score the points.

Raja Rani

16. Pei Otrathu

Pei Otrathu is a fun game, not a competitive game. It is played with paper and magnet.

90s kids games

17. Video Game

Video game players are the low budget pubg for our 90’s kids. These video game players contain more than 1000 games but we only play construction and car racing games. Brick games are the popular 90s video game.

Popular 90s video game

18. Nooran Kuchi

Nooran Kuchi is played with sticks. It is cost-effective and one of the interesting indoor games. This game will be played by all genders and all age groups.

Nooran Kuchi

19. Aadu Puli Aatam

Aadu Puli Aatam is the strategic planning game. It is the double player game. One should play to save goats from tigers and other should play to save tigers from goats. Finally, goats are safe or tigers will be blocked.

Aadu Puli Aatam

20. Kola Kolaya Mundhirika

Kola Kolaya Mundhirika is played mostly in the state of TamilNadu. It is a multiplayer game and played in functions. The person who has more attention and running power will win this game.

Kola Kolaiya Munthirika

21. Dhaya Karam

Dhaya Karam is a well known indoor game among all the age group peoples. It recently trended and played in all the families during the corona lockdown period. It is played with rolling dice.

Dhaya Karam

22. Parama Patham

Parama Patham is also similar to Dhaya Karam. It is also played with dice. We should claim the ladder without trapping a snake. It’s also a popular indoor game.

Parama Patham

90s Kids Games For Girl

23. Nondi

Nondi is played by girls. It is played with a flat stone.

Nondi 90s kids games

24. Skipping

Skipping also mostly played by girls. It is played with a long string. The girls who skip more will be declared as winners. This game increases your height and stamina.


25. Achang kallu

Achang kallu played with a number of stones and with our hands. It is an indoor game and played mostly by girls.

Achang Kallu

Still, there are 1000 of 90s kids games in Indian. If you any suggested games, feel free to suggest to us !!



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