BlackSheep Tamil is one of the most one of the popular youtube channels in Tamil. It joined youtube on February 29, 2016, by RJ Vigneshkanth and his set of friends. RJ Vigneshkanth also managing Unakennapaa and Smile Settai. BlackSheep has uploaded a total of 649 videos as of February 1, 2019, and acquired 429,189,332 views with 2.81 Million video views still increasing counting.

After being in youtube in a long year, Blacksheep Tamil comes into the big screen through the movie “Nenjamundu Nermaiundu Oodu Raja” released in 2019 under Sivakarthikeyan (SK Productions). However, Blacksheep Tamil has a big team and they put lots of works to brand them the best. Here, we list some of the casts whoever behind the Blacksheep Tamil’s huge success. Most of the casts also in Unakennapaa Youtube Channel

Blacksheep Tamil Casts

BlackSheep Tamil – Featured Videos

They release lots of series and random videos of general topics at least five in a week. Some of the best series are listed out here !!



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