Eruma Saani joined youtube on April 25, 2017, by Vijayakumar and his college friends. They posted almost 52 videos as of February 02, 2020, and acquired 173,517,750 views with 2.33 Million subscribers. The team always likes to do random videos of trending topics and most of the videos are random videos but now, they have started the web series named “Adhu Enga Raja Kaalam”. They have branded two dialogues “Hi Aunty” by Vijayakumar and “Poda, Eruma Saani Kiruku Payalae” by Harija.  

They released their first big-screen movie “Odavum Mudiyathu Oliyavum Mudiyathu” produced by clapboard production, directed by Ramesh Venkat who is also a bunch of crazy shits. Some of the casts are listed below. Harija plays a core role in Eruma Saani but, after her marriage, she moved out of the Vijayakumar team and started a new youtube channel “Thiruvilayadal” with her husband Amar.

Eruma Saani Casts

Eruma Saani – Featured Series

They are well known for random videos and types of videos. Some of the best series are listed out here !!



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