Parithabangal was started by Gopi and Sudhakar who are ex-team members of Madras Central. Due to some personal issues, they got separated from madras central and started the new youtube channel named “Parithabangal” on February 08, 2018. As Known. Gopi and Sudhakar got familiar through the Youtube web series in mAdras Central named Parthibangal. So, this might be one of the reasons to start their channel named “Parithabangal”

Gopi and Sudhakar are well known for troll and spoof videos. As guessed, they mostly worked on spoof and troll videos in Parithabangal and got the audience’s attention. They have posted 180 videos as of February 01, 2020, and acquired 1.83 Million subscribers with 165,707,852 video views. Their videos will get attention the people of all age categories. They majorly do videos on Politics. However, they have only countable number of casts. Some of the casts are listed below

Parithabangal Casts

Parithabangal – Featured Videos

They releases lots of Troll and Spoof videos. Some of the best series are listed out here !!


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